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27 October 2017

TESCO 30th Anniversary

Mannheim, Germany

24 April  2015


with Cindytalk, Andrew Liles, The Cravats, Splintered

Bethnal Green Working Men's Club in London, UK


9th November 2013

Wroclaw Industrial Art Festival



20th May 2013

Wave Gotik Treffen

Leipzig, Germany


17th November 2012

25th anniversary of Tesco Organisation Germany

Mannheim, Germany


28th April 2012

Segerhuva and Fetish 23, Sweetness Overdue

Stockholm, Sweden


1st April 2000

Live at The Camden Palace


Line up: Stephen Meixner, Jonathan Grieve,

James Machin, Jimmy Maravala


25th March 2000

'Oblique Lu Nights' festival

Nantes, France

Line up: Stephen Meixner, Jonathan Grieve,

James Machin, Jimmy Maravala


2nd May 1997

Live at Club C.U.B.A.

Muenster, Germany


3rd May 1997

Chronozon presents

Live in Erlangen, Germany.

With Illusion of Safety, Daniel Menche,

Casper COC, Bad Sector


8th June 1997

Festival Musiques Ultimes 3eme Noise Museum

Nevers, France


30th September 1995

Jackson's Lane Theatre

London, UK

With Ramleh


6th October

Deadly Actions II Festival

Lille, France


7th October 1995

Live Radio session for VPRO Dutch national radio

Amsterdam, Netherlands

An exclusive 45 min. Contrastate broadcast 

Released on CD in 1996

As "Mort Aux Vaches" on Staalplaat.


14th January 1994

Column One presents Kriegsschauplatze

Potsdam, Germany


8th October 1993

Tesco/Art Konkret Festival II

Club Subway, Karlsruhe, Germany

This was released on the 'Festival Karlsruhe'

2xMC Box set on Tesco/Art Konkret

with Soldnergeist & Anenzephalia


27th May 1989

Live at Club Moral

Antwerp, Belgium.

with John Duncan


1st June 1989

Live radio session for Flemish Radio,

Diepenbeck Belgium.

Part of this was released on the

'A live coal under the ashes' LP on Tesco


10th September 1988

A la Cave

Geneva, Switzerland

with Xerxes von Munschrein &



November 1987

Islington Sixth Form Centre

London, UK




June 2007

Soho Arts Club


srmeixner and Jonathan Grieve

with Ramleh


February 2005 

Corsica Arts Club, London

srmeixner and Jonathan Grieve & Mark Braby 


3rd December 2005

Live at Fylkingen

Stockholm, Sweden


February 2004  

Live at the Orchestra Pit

Whitechapel Arts Cafe, London


July 2004

Foundry, London

srmeixner with Jonathan Grieve & Mark Braby 



IWave Gotik Treffen 2013 Photo Stefano Oflorenz

'Oblique Lu Nights' festival, Nantes, France 2000

Stephen J. Pomeroy Erlangen, Germany 1997


Deadly Action II LIlle 1995

Festival Musiques Ultimes 3eme Nevers, France

Stephen meixner Erlangen 1997

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