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1989 Seven hands seek nine fingers                                               1990 A thousand badgers in labour                                               1991 "i"                                                                                                 1992 A Live Coal Under the Ashes                                                   1993 "i"                                                                                              

1993 I am a clown collecting moments (and other Chocolates)     1994 English Embers

1994 Festival Karlsruhe

1995 Throwing out the baby with the bathwater                           1995 Throwing out the baby with the bathwater   

1995 A thousand badgers in labour    

1996 Goodbye great nation (with the Tiger Lillies)     

1996 English Embers 

1996 Mort aux Vaches      

1996 Under the line laying north       

1999 Todesmelodie       

2000 Extract no.10        

2005 Seven hands seek nine fingers (re-issue)         

2005 False fangs for old werewolves         

2006 Handbags & Dada        

2008 A Live Coal Under the Ashes (re-issue)      

2010 Régiment De Rapaces (re-issue of  Mort Aux Vache)          

2012 A Breeding Ground for Flies

2016 True Believer & 10/40 Window

2016 No Eden Without Annihilation (Live Album)


2017 Your Reality Is Broken: Celebration of 30 years of Contrastate including interpretative covers of our work by us: Genocide Organ, Band of Pain, Troum, RLW & Swiss underground revolutionary communists Etat D'Urgence. Artwork by Stone


1989 Rap 'n' Crack  'Backward Diva'

1991 Various - Awummda ‎'A Thousand Badgers In Labour - Part I' 

1991 Tri-bu 2 'Black December' 'October Dawn'

1991 A Gnomean Haigonaimean 'Through the Lens of a Mad Eye'

1995 Invisible Domains 'Virophilia'

1996 Audio Drudge Magazine #7 'At the Bottom of My Dreams'

1997 Tulpas 'Pierre Never Made It'

1997 The Dark Ages 'The Birth of Zarathustra'

1997 Four Years In Thirty Seconds 'Poodles in Practice Dress at the            Battersea Dogs Opera'

1998 Four Years In Thirty Seconds

1998 RRR-500 (Various 500 lockgrooves) 

1998 Ten years of Madness Behind The Iron Curtain 'Altering the            Circumstances of Human Life'               

2001 L’Ame Electrique Presents 'Breaking the Strawmen'

2013 STEIN: interpretationen eines geologischen materials und              seiner symbolik 'Haunted'


CONTRASTATE Appearances:

1996 Band Of Pain - You're Miss Fortune

1998 Intravene - Flotation Toy Warning

2004 Flowers Made of Snow/Protagonist 


2003 srmeixner - Between the Lines

2005 srmeixner - The Dictatorship of the Viewer

2006 Scott Taylor & srmeixner - Please keep clear at all times

2006 The New Blockaders - Manifesto 1982 (composition by                    srmeixner)

2007 srmeixner / Band of Pain - split

2010 Thousand Ways To Die

rlw & srmeixner Just like a flower when winter begins



2003 fdsixtyfive

2003 Evolved As One

2004 Hungry Ghosts

2005 Orchestrated Pittance

2006 Viva Negativa Vol. 1

2006 Not Alone

2007 Freiband - Sijis Rmx: expanded edition


1989    Contrastate: Seven hands seek nine fingers               

1990    Contrastate: A thousand badgers in labour                

1995    Contrastate: A thousand badgers in labour                

1996    Contrastate  & The Tiger Lillies: Goodbye great nation       1996    Splintered/rlw                                                          

2005    Coil/The New Blockaders: The melancholy mad tenant                       Vortex Campaign

2006    Zev/Francisco Lopez: Buzzin’ fly/Dormant spores               2007    srmeixner & Band of Pain: Texture.Montage.Sequence /                     Tripping in Q         

2007    rlw: The pleasure of burning down churches  

2009    Ramleh: Switch hitter                                     

2013    rlw: Fall Seliger Geister                              

2013    Asmus Tietchens: Fast ohne Titel, Korrosion

2017    Your Reality Is Broken:  30 years of  Contrastate                       




LP Black Rose Recordings Edition of 500/ Deleted

LP Black Rose Recordings Edition of 500/ Deleted

MC Direction Music Deleted 

CD + LP set Tesco Organisation edition of 1100/ Deleted

CD Functional Organisation Deleted

7" single Dying Earth Europe Edition of 600 Deleted

7" single Drone Records Edition of 200/ Deleted

2xCass, Comp + Box Tesco Organisation, Art Konkret

CD Functional Organisation

LP + 12" pict disc set Tesco Organisation Edition of 500/ Deleted

CD Black Rose Recordings (10 copies available)

CD-ep Black Rose Recordings

CD-ep Dirter Promotions Deleted

CD Staalplaat Edition of 600

7" single Fourth Dimension Edition of 400/ Deleted

CD Noise Museum Deleted

7" single Outsider Edition of 300

CD Fin de Siecle Media

CD Fin de Siecle Media

CD Fin de Siecle Media

CD Tesco Organisation

LP  Segerhuva  Edition of 300

CD Dirter Promotions First 500  in oversized slipcase with booklet

7" single Dirter Promotions  Limited edition of  500 copies  the first 300 copies arrive in a special “mirror” sleeve.

Limited Edition of 300  LP/CD SET Tesco Distribution Germany

Limited edition of 500 LP Black Rose Recordings




MC Dedali Opera Deleted

Cass, Comp, Ltd, C45 INS.GRAM

MC Dedali Opera Deleted

LP Johnny Blue Deleted

CD Malignant Records Deleted

MC+Magazine Malignant Records Deleted

5CD Selektion Deleted

2CD Arborlon Music Deleted

10" Dirter Promotions Deleted


CD Dirter Promotions

LP RRRecords

2xCASS   Actung Baby!                


CD  L’Ame Electrique Tesco Organisation

2LP+7" Numbered edition of 199




CD Iris Light Deleted

CD AufAbwegen

2CD Cold Meat Industry


CD Dirter Promotions

CD Fin De Siecle Media

CD Entr'acte

7" Vinyl on Demand

7" Black Rose Recordings

CD Segerhuva

CD Monotype




CD Adverse Effect Magazine

CD Evolved As One

2CD Mutant Music

CD Private Deleted

4LP Vinyl on demand

5CD Jnana Records

CDr Sijis Records


LP BRV 89-1001

LP BRV 90-1002

CD BRCD 95-1003

MCD BRCD 96-1004

CD BRCD 96-1005

CD BRCD 05-1007


CD BRCD 06-1008

7" BRV 04-1006


CD BRCD 07-1009

10” BRV 08-1010

CD  BRCD 12-1011

CD  BRCD 13-1012

LP   BRV 17-1013


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